Security guards

  • Security of residential, commercial, industrial, banking and petroleum facilities and strategic locations.
  • Designing programs specially designed for each institution
  • Internal investigations (cases of robbery - harassment ,........ etc.)
  • The company has a special department for guarding with trained police dogs accompanied by a distinguished trainer under the supervision of the General Administration of Guard Dogs and Insurance at the Ministry of Interior
  • Planning and preparing for collective action (mass evacuation - high-speed response to the event)
  • Security surveillance (physical - logistical - personal - commercial)
  • Conducting studies on employees

Security consulting


The International Company for Services and Guarding provides security support to its customers through comprehensive security studies and advanced security analyzes of their investments, projects and personal properties to ensure the security, stability and productivity of these projects by a specialized team that conducts a security survey of the site and assesses the size of the potential security threat and the size of people and equipment Necessary for him. The company also assesses security risks and makes recommendations, as well as providing an appropriate solution to the security challenges you face.

  • Security guards
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Program planning
  • Security policies & procedures development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Expert testimonials
  • Evaluating the security program
  • Development recommendations
  • Assessing improvements

Security and public safety training


The Dawlia Security Company is based on training on how to analyze the main causes of safety accidents, a training program for firefighting.

  • Training on how to analyze the main causes of safety accidents
  • Develop plans and trainings on medical evacuation
  • Training program for firefighting
  • First aid training courses

Security electronic services system And technical.


The Dawlia Security Company provides the integrated home protection system, private events insurance, and facility security electronically.

  • Integrated home protection system
  • Secure private events
  • Security of facilities electronically
  • Electronic portals
  • • Cameras, closed circuit television networks, and control rooms
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Parking systems


Personnel Are On Standby To Respond To Your Security Needs